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Below is a set of frequently asked questions with answers to them. We are trying to make this list as complete as possible. If you have any questions that you think should be part of this list but is not, please send us an email to If you are looking for technical information, please refer to our Technical FAQ.


About's Services

About Online Applications


What is is a website that offers its clients the facilities to develop and deploy their online applications in quickly. Database-enabled web applications can be built quickly using online wizards available on the website. All data and application modules are hosted on's servers, relieving the clients of all the hassle involved with doing it themselves.

Is reliable
Yes. is built and maintained by a team of experienced software developers. Its initial development followed extensive research and testing of new technologies. The website is being tested and upgraded constantly to keep it operating optimally.

Who would benefit most from's services?

  Web developers who build database-enabled websites or online applications can use to build and host applications at a fraction of the time and cost.

  Webmasters can database-enable their websites with as a database backend.

  Corporations can use to build online applications quickly for sharing and managing data across their enterprise.

Why is useful for websites?
Websites require database access to make their web pages dynamic. Installing databases for web sites is expensive and time consuming. It also requires writing complex CGI or ASP scripts to handle the integration of the data with the web pages. All this can be done seamlessly using We host the database data which can be intergrated into websites using simply HTML links.

Why is useful for corporations?
Corporations need to build online applications for easy accessibility to their employees and to their clients. Traditionally speaking, building online applications is expensive and time consuming. It requires considerable technical skills. changes all this. Building and online application is now as easy as assembling it from working parts. No programming or technical skills are required. It can now be done in minutes instead of weeks. All this translates to huge savings in time and money.

Can be used to implement an e-commerce shopping cart?
Yes, it can. can be used to quickly develop product lists, order forms, and total calculations. The one thing that you cannot do is validate the credit card information. The reason is that is an application development platform, not a merchant account service. However, many online credit-card companies have automated validation services where the credit card information is sent to the validator's website using a secure link. is capable of sending such information. If you plan on using for accepting orders, then make sure you subscribe to either the Business Plan or the Corporate Plan since those are the plans that support secure communication.

Will save me money?
Definitely. If you want to setup an online application for your website, you need to purchase and install a database system, hire somebody to maintain it, and hire somebody to develop the application. We will not speculate about how much all this will cost, but if you are researching the topic, then you would probably have a good idea.

How much time does it take to build an application?
Developing online applications using traditional means requires considerable time, effort, and technical knowledge. Depending on their complexity, applications can take from a week to several months. Using, you can develop applications in a matter of minutes that would otherwise take weeks to implement and deploy.

How much technical knowledge is required?
Not much. If you want to build a database and application from scratch, you just need a little understanding of databases so that you may design your data tables properly. You can get this information from the online help. If you are using an existing application template to build your application, then all you need to do is insert a link from your website to your module's URL to get it up running. A one minute task.

How powerful are online applications developed at
We have gone through consiertable efforts to make as easy to use and as flexible as possible. Infortunately, part of the simplicity has come at the expense of power. In order to accommodate most users and browser types, we had to forget about using fancy features such as Java or ActiveX, which would have made application more powerful, but less compatible. Still,'s applications are enough for more than 90% of users and websites. We are continuing to evolve our website to make it even more encompassing.

What is an online application?
An online application is a program that is accessible using a web browser. The program and the data reside on the server and the user simply interacts with the presentation layer (the user interface) that is displayed by the browser.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of online applications?
Remember that an online application is run off a website. This means that a user can run the application using a web browser and without having to do any software installations or upgrades. The application is accessible from any computer with a web browser. Since surfing web pages has become second nature to most users, running an online application is much more intuitive to a casual user than installing and running custom application on his/her computer. Unfortunately, with all this ease of use come some drawbacks: because an online application has to run in a browser, and in order to support most browsers, its functionality has to be more limited and it cannot compete with regular software in terms of features, fancy gadgets, and speed.

What is an online database?
An online database is a database system that is accessible through a website. The obvious usefulness of online databases is that they can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. Compare this to a local database which has to be backed up and transfered manually from one computer to another.

What is the difference between a database and an application?
A database is a repository of data. You can store in it information is structured formats. A database can be used to insert and update via entry forms, and view data using reports and tables. An application is a sequence of procedures that perform a particular task. There is a notion of a process flow that takes a user from one step to another. An application usually makes use of a database to store its data.

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