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So far, the World Wide Web has been used mostly for document management and presentation. Businesses tend to use their websites as online brochures. This is about to change. The next step in the evolution of the web is online applications and data distribution:

  • A business' online presence will eventually grow to include web-based versions of the applications used in day-to-day operations (e.g. time sheet entry, resource management, and customer contact information applications).
  • A business will make available to its customers various online applications that provide automated services (e.g. online account management and bill payment made available by banks, or online stock trading made available by investment firms).
  • Software once bought on CD-Rom will be available on the web as a pay-per-use service (e.g. tax software which needs to be updated on a yearly basis will probably be replaced by an online web service to which subscribers can log on from any computer with a web browser).

There are several reasons as to why an online application is attractive:

  • It can be accessed from any computer with a web browser.
  • It does not require installation on the user's computer from a CD. It is instantly available when a user connects to the proper website.
  • It does not require periodic updates by the user. Updates to the software are done on the web server and are immediately available to all users.
  • The data is not restricted to a particular computer. A user does not have to worry about forgetting the disk containing a work project he was working on all night at home.
  • Online applications are easier to use. Most users are familiar with web browsers and surfing the Internet; an application being run from inside their browser will be much more intuitive for them to work with than a standard application.

So why are online application not commonly available? Businesses have been slow in porting their applications to the web because of the difficulties and high costs involved. Tools for developing web applications are still relatively primitive. Creating even a simple online application requires considerable technical knowledge and weeks, if not months, of programming and testing. Furthermore, because of the restrictions imposed by Internet service providers and web hosting services, a business is limited in the quality and capabilities of the online applications it may deploy unless it purchases its own servers and database software. The costs can be crippling for any business that does not have considerable resources and are certainly not feasible for most small businesses.

QuickModules.com is the answer. It greatly reduces the complexity and costs involved in developing online applications.

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