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Build and deploy your online applications in minutes using's automated services. is the ideal database backend for your website. Our servers will host your data.
  Administer and manage your data online using a browser. Run reports, do searches, display graphs.
  Build your database applications using our online-wizards (no programming) and have them running in minutes.
  Integrate applications you build into your web pages through HTML links to make your website database-enabled instantly.
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As part of our services, our databases will store your data. You will have access to the data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world using a web browser. You can enter data, browse and search, perform analytic queries, and generate reports and graphs through your web browser. You may link to your data directly from your own website to display data entry screens, reports, and charts directly on your web pages.

Having data is not enough! You need applications to process that data. is a true and unique application service provider (ASP). It gives you the ability to build application modules that are fully integrated with your data quickly and with no programming. You will not need to be an expert database programmer or web developer to get it all working. We have done it all for you. Using our Rapid Module Development technology, you can create new databases and integrate them into your website in minutes without worrying about extracting the data from the database or writing programs for your web server to handle the data. You can also use a set of pre-built application and database templates to create ready-made online applications instantly and customize them according to your specifications.

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