QuickModules.com: Features

The following capabilities are supported by QuickModules.com:

Application Development Capabilities
  No programming required
  Rapid Module Development technology for quick creation of working databases
  Database access transparently integrated into applications
  Build applications using "building-block" data-aware procedures
  Application templates for common online applications
  Add database tools (searching, data entry, reports, graphing) into applications
  Easy database updates
  Perform calculations using formulas and database field values
  Work with data from several tables easily
  Automatic session maintenance
  Send data-aware or notification emails
  Use your own HTML documents with embedded database values

Database Features
  Database administration using a web browser
  Data access from anywhere using a web browser
  All data and software located on our servers. No installation required on your computers
  Creation of data tables with columns/fields of various data types
  Support for Internet data types such as e-mail links, URLs, and image links
  Embedded or nested database tables with unlimited nesting levels
  Calculated columns with formula expressions and functions
  Quick creation, modification, and deletion of records
  Searching on different conditions using automated search screens
  Export of data into a downloadable format
  Customizeable data entry screens
  Customizeable Reports with searching, sorting, grouping, totals, and averages
  Formatting of reports either for display or printing

Administration Features
  Context sensitive online help
  Create multiple users with different access priviledges (Corporate Databases only)

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