QuickModules.com contains all you need to build and host specialized applications for your website.

  Nothing to download or install. Build your databases and web applications using just a browser.
  No programming or script writing required. Online wizards let you build complete applications using procedural building blocks.
  Integrate the applications you build into your webites using simple links. Instantly add discussion forums, shopping carts, product catalogs, etc.
Application Service Provider Diagram
QuickModules.com Diagram
 Engine Core
 Services Layer

QuickModules.com is an Application Service Provider that offers you a hassle-free solution to build and host your web applications quickly and inexpensively. A web application is a software that is run off a web server using just a browser. Some typical examples are web shopping carts, discussion forums, online product catalogs, etc. QuickModules.com provides rapid web application development and hosting services. You can build your own database-enabled web applications quickly online and without any programming using our new web technology, Rapid Module Development. Within minutes, applications will be up and running with full database support and completely hosted on our servers. Learn more ...

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