QuickModules.com: Description and Purpose

QuickModules.com introduces a technologically innovative approach to building online applications: the website itself is a complete online application development and hosting platform with the following unique features:

  • It encapsulates development, database management, and application hosting in one environment. This contrasts sharply with traditional application development environments in which the development tools, the supporting database system, and the web server are all separate entities provided by different vendors and have to be dealt with separately.
  • Online applications are simple to build and require no programming. Using our Rapid Module Development technology, non-technical people can develop an online application quickly using "building block" procedures that contain pre-defined functionality to perform commonly needed tasks
  • Online applications can be built quickly in a matter of minutes. They are available for immediate access through the Internet with QuickModules.com hosting the resulting application and its data.

The purpose of QuickModules.com is to help businesses and websites build and deploy online applications quickly and inexpensively. Customers can build their applications using automated online wizards that are available when they log on to their account at QuickModules.com. Applications can be built and customized quickly and are immediately ready for access using a web browser. Customers can then integrate their newly created online application into their website simply by placing a proper link from their website to the application's URL at QuickModules.com. Using QuickModules.com's services, customers do not need to purchase, install, or maintain complex database systems, or spend considerable effort, time, and money developing online applications.

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